PhD awards from this group

Dr Yu Chen (2024) Enhancing carbon fixation in Escherichia coli using genetic engineering and metabolic profiling. China Scholarship Council (CSC) – University of Liverpool joint scholarship.

Dr Ivayla Roberts (2024) Metabolomics and computational techniques applied to COVID-19 severity and outcome prediction. Self-funded.

Dr Paul Richardson (2024) Towards the study of bacterial communities at single-cell level using vibrational spectroscopy. University scholarship.

Dr Dakshat Trivedi (2020) Metabolomics analysis of human serum for characterisation of phenotypically ageing men in different ethnic populations. Self-funded.

Dr Sarah Dowd (2020) Characterisation of ss-RNA structures using vibrational spectroscopies. EPSRC CASE award with AstraZeneca.

Dr Malama Chisanga (2019) Isotope labelling of bacteria for functional analysis in mixed microbial communities.  Commonwealth scholarship.

Dr Bethan McAvan (2019) Biotherapeutic Structural Investigations of Formulation Parameters Using Vibrational Spectroscopy. EPSRC CASE award with UCB Pharma.

Dr Maxim Wilkinson (2019) Sampling and Analytical Considerations for the Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds in Breath. EPSRC CASE award with Philips.

Dr Chloe Thomson (2019) Metabolic Patterning and Regulation During Early Embryo Development and Appendage Regeneration. BBSRC.

Dr Waqar Ahmed (2018) An investigation of volatile metabolite profiling methods for phenotyping respiratory disease. EU Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP) programme.

Dr Oluwasola Lawal (2018) Analysis of volatile biomarkers from in vitro cell cultures and exhaled breath for ventilator-associated pneumonia diagnosis. EU Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP) programme.

Dr Claire Pickering (2018) Development of rapid reagentless, in situ detection of biological threat agents and assessment and correction of the environmental conditioning on the vibrational spectrum. DSTL.

Dr Mekhala Spencer (2017) The development of Raman spectroscopy for monitoring industrial biopharmaceuticals. BBSRC CASE award with Pall.

Dr Heidi Fisk (2017) Raman Spectroscopy for the Direct Monitoring of Microbial Biotransformations. BBSRC CASE award with GSK.

Dr Robert Eendebak (2017) The potential relationships between hormone biomarkers and functional and health outcomes of ageing – a multinational longitudinal cohort study of ageing in men. BBSRC.

Dr Ewa Szula (2017) Metabolic profiling and imaging of CHO cells for fusion protein production. BBSRC.

Dr Abdu Subaihi (2017) The Development of Enhanced Raman Scattering for the Analysis of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Compounds in Biofluids.  Saudi Arabia Government.

Dr Chloe Westley (2017) Raman Spectroscopy and its Enhancement Techniques for Direct Monitoring of Biotransformations. BBSRC.

Dr Neha Dhami (2017) Interference of central metabolism (TCA cycle) to influence CHO cell productivity. UCB.

Dr Ali Sayqal (2016) An environmental metabolomics study of the effect of abiotic substances on Pseudomonas putida by employing analytical techniques.  Saudi Arabia Government.

Dr Jo Denbigh (2016). Lipidomic and metabolomic analysis of biological response mechanisms in cancer cells: a multidisciplinary approach. BBSRC.

Dr Najla Almasoud (2016) Rapid classification and differentiation of bacteria by analytical techniques. Saudi Arabia Government.

Dr Howbeer Muhamadali (2015) Metabolomics investigation of microbial cell factories. BBSRC.

Dr Omar Alhabri (2015) Detection and identification of drugs using surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS).  Saudi Arabia Government.

Dr Piotr Gromski (2015) Application of chemometrics for the robust analysis of chemical and biochemical data. EU Framework VII.

Dr Alexandria Naden (2014) Exploring theoretical origins of the toxicity of organic quaternary ammonium salts towards Escherichia coli using machine learning approaches. BBSRC.

Dr Haitham AlRabiah (2014) Advanced metabolomics for the discrimination of uropathogenic Escherichia coli and their response to antibiotics.  Saudi Arabia Government.

Dr David Cowcher (2014) The development of enhanced Raman scattering for the trace analysis of biomolecules. BBSRC CASE award with Avacta.

Dr Ashley Brown (2014). Metabolomics for analysis of the effects of ionising radiation on bacteria. Nuclear Fuels.

Dr Victoria Brewster (2013) Investigating protein modifications using vibrational spectroscopy and fluorescence spectroscopy. BBSRC CASE award with Avacta.

Dr Lindsay Lai-Rowcroft (2013) Novel Surfaces for MALDI-MS. EPSRC PhD.

Dr Mohammed Shahraz (2013) Listeria monocytogenes – Understanding the interaction of pathogen and host physiology during intracellular growth. BBSRC/EPSRC.

Dr Paul Wilcock (2012) A systems biology approach for investigating oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC).  BBSRC/EPSRC.

Dr Samuel Mabbott (2012) Optimisation of solid-state and solution-based SERS systems for use in the detection of analytes of chemical and biological significance. RSC/EPSRC Analytical PhD.

Dr Helen Kotze (2012) Systems biology of chemotherapy in hypoxia environments. BBSRC/EPSRC.

Dr Emily Armitage (2012) Systems Biology of HIF Metabolism in Cancer. BBSRC/EPSRC

Dr Clare Levene (2012) Optimisation of SERS for biomolecule quantification using machine learning. RSC/EPSRC Analytical PhD.

Dr Nicola Wood (2011). A system wide global integrative analysis of gene expression to identify genes conferring cell stability in Pseudomonas putida expressing toluene dioxygenase. BBSRC.

Dr Nicoletta Nicolaou-Markide (2011) The use of analytical techniques for the rapid detection of the microbial spoilage and adulteration in milk. Self-funded.

Dr Felicity Currie (2011) Monitoring the effect of pharmaceuticals in marine and freshwater environments. BBSRC CASE award with AstraZeneca.

Dr William Cheung (2010) Metabolic profiling of volatile organic compounds and enhanced vibrational spectroscopy. EPSRC and Sionex.

Dr Hyun Kim (2010) Investigation of HIV anti-viral drug effect on HPV16 E6 expressing cervical carcinoma cells using advanced metabolomics methods. Overseas Research Studentship.

Dr Xuan-Tien Doan (2010) Multivariate data analysis for embedded sensor networks within the perishable goods supply chain. Syngenta.

Dr Katherine Hollywood (2010). The development of bioanalytical techniques for the treatment of psoriasis and related skin disorders. Stiefel Laboratories, Inc.

Dr Emma Wharfe (2010). An environmental metabolomics investigation of the effects of chiral pharmaceuticals and environmental pollutants on microorganisms. BBSRC CASE award with AstraZeneca.

Dr Hui Wang (2009) The physiological diversity of Shewenella oneidensis: a metabolic approach.  Chinese Government.

Dr Robert Coe (2009). The introgression of novel biochemical traits into tomato; a metabolomic analysis. BBSRC special committee studentship.

Dr Soyab Patel (2008) Chemical imaging for clinical pathology and bioanalysis. EPSRC and Shimadzu Biotech.

Dr William Allwood (2006) Plant-pathogen interactions are a biochemically rich, novel and challenging target for metabolomic approaches. BBSRC special committee studentship.

Dr Sarah Clarke (2006). Monitoring microbial bioprocesses for metabolite concentrations using Raman spectroscopy and surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy. RSC/EPSRC Analytical PhD.

Dr Roger Jarvis (2005) The development of Raman spectroscopy and advanced machine learning for bioanalytical studies. EPSRC CASE award with Renishaw plc.

Dr Ellie Gidman (2004) The use of metabolomics to identify early plant responses to N deposition. NERC.

Dr David Ellis (2004) Rapid detection of food spoilage using vibrational spectroscopic imaging and machine learning. BBSRC special committee studentship.

Dr Yankuba Kassama (2003) Molecular epidemiology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis using the amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) technique. Overseas Research Studentship.

Dr Aoife C. McGovern (2000) Full spectral methods for the analysis of biotechnological systems.  BBSRC CASE award with Zeneca Pharmaceuticals.

Dr Éadaoin M. Timmins (1999) Microbial identification and classification using advanced analytical methods and other modern methods of molecular taxonomy. Wellcome Trust.