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Tai – My First Paper

Tai’s open access paper on metabolic fingerprint analysis of recombinant protein production in E. coli has recently been published. This is a really nice collaboration with our colleagues Naheed and Joseph in the University of Aberystwyth.
Published in Frontiers in Microbiology Tai’s paper features in our Health and Life Science faculty’s #MyFirstPaper campaign. Find out more here

Tai’s very happy with her paper!

Well done Tai! This is really nice work.

Iva – My First Paper

Iva’s open access paper on the metabolomics of serum from COVID-19 patients for assessing disease severity and outcome that was published in Metabolomics features in our Health and Life Science faculty’s #MyFirstPaper campaign. Find out more here.

Well done Iva! This will be her first of many impactful studies.

Analytical Methods Cover

Delighted that Mehrvash and Yun’s paper on “Rapid detection and quantification of the adulteration of orange juice with grapefruit juice using Handheld Raman spectroscopy and multivariate analysis” has been published in Analytical Methods and features in the front cover. Brilliant artwork from Howbeer.

Detecting food adulteration has always been an important task for food safety, especially when grapefruit is the adulterant as components in the juice have undesired interactions with many medicines. In this study we employed a handheld Raman device to detect and to quantify the adulteration of orange juices with grapefruit juices

Spring SciX Conference Report 2022

Just before Easter in the University of Liverpool we hosted the Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies (FACSS) Spring SciX 2022 Conference.
This was a 3-day international conference in which ECRs present their research with the aim of establishing career mentors for them.
Please read the Spring SciX Conference Report 2022 by Dan, Sara and Tai.

Metabolomics and COVID

We are happy to announce that Iva’s paper on COVID with Doug Kell’s group has been published in Metabolomics.  It’s all about metabolomics which has been used to discover potential prognostic markers of both severity and outcome.