Double success at RSC Analytical Poster twitter conference

Congratulations to both Mekhala (Spencer) and Claire (Pickering) from our group who both won prizes at the Royal Society of Chemistry twitter poster day sponsored by the RSC journals Analyst, JAAS and Analytical Methods.

Project information:

  • Mekhala is working on a BBSRC BRIC PhD entitled “The development of Raman spectroscopy for the monitoring of industrial bioprocesses” with PALL Corporation as the biopharmaceutical industrial partners.
  • Claire is studying “Rapid Identification of Surface Deposited Bacterial Biological Warfare Simulants using Vibrational Spectroscopy” for her PhD. This is sponsored by DSTL National PhD Scheme, and she is based up in Department of Pure & Applied Chemistry University of Strathclyde with her primary supervisor being Dr Matt Baker.

For more on this twitter poster conference: