MSc and MPhil awards from this group

Mr Paul Richardson (2018) The development of metabolomics for the detection of adulteration in coconut water. M.Phil.

Ms Laila Almanqur (2015) Detection of propranolol from human biofluids. MSc.

Mr Malama Chisanga (2014) Isotope labeling of bacteria for differentiation using Raman spectroscopy. MSc.

Mr Kaveh Yasrebi (2013) Using FT-IR to discriminate different unknown fingerprint normal microflora populations. MSc.

Mr Hazwan Harmain (2013) Evaluation of the galvanic displacement process of silver onto copper and silver onto copper-based coinages (British 2p and Euro coins) for surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS). MSc.

Ms Hajar Alhazzani (2012) Data mining the human serum metabolome. MSc.

Ms Najla Almasoud (2011) Optimisation of MALD-ToF-MS for whole bacteria characterisation. MSc.

Mr Matthew Miller (2011) A FT-IR-based study to examine four wheat varieties grown at different light conditions. MSc.

Mr Robben I. Jaber (2008) Infrared and Raman spectroscopy in bioanalysis.  MPhil.