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Spring SciX Conference Report 2022

Just before Easter in the University of Liverpool we hosted the Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies (FACSS) Spring SciX 2022 Conference.
This was a 3-day international conference in which ECRs present their research with the aim of establishing career mentors for them.
Please read the Spring SciX Conference Report 2022 by Dan, Sara and Tai.

Metabolomics and COVID

We are happy to announce that Iva’s paper on COVID with Doug Kell’s group has been published in Metabolomics.  It’s all about metabolomics which has been used to discover potential prognostic markers of both severity and outcome.

A year in review: 2021

2021 was an important year for our biospec group and the CMR. Below are some highlights.

We welcomed to biospec the following researchers: Dr Adam Burke as a PostDoc, and PhD students Shwan Ahmed, Afeefa Chaudhary, Cris Saladas, Amy Colleran, Amy McMullen as well as Phil Dutton and Sahand Shams with collaborators.

We also welcomed Prof Najla Almasoud and Prof Taghrid Alomar from Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University in Saudi Arabia. Najla and Taghrid are joining us on sabbatical for 12 months and are working on SERS in drug detection and quantification and food security.

Cassio published his first paper with our group in Analytical Chemistry about ‘Imaging isotopically labeled bacteria at the single cell level using high-resolution optical infrared photothermal spectroscopy’ Our first paper using O-PTIR spectroscopy.

Mehrvash published her first paper in Applied Sciences where through bottle SORS was used for authentication of extra virgin olive oil.

Our first paper on SRS was also published in Clinical Spectroscopy which was led by Cassio and highlighted methods to achieve hyperspectral stimulated Raman spectroscopy in live cells.

Funding news included:

  • Unilever for Mapping the Human Multi-Ome
  • EPSRC-SFI on Cutting Edge Analytical Solutions for Smart, Integrated, Efficient Biopharma. Production

Congratulations Dakshat

Congratulations to Dakshat on passing his PhD today.

Dakshat used metabolomics and vibrational spectroscopy for the analysis of human serum for the characterisation of phenotypically ageing men in different ethnic populations.

In 2020 we had to do many vivas by Zoom and here’s a great photo that captures Dakshat’s success. Many thanks to Hyun Kim (University of Nottingham) and Peter Gardner (University of Manchester) for their excellent examination of Dakshat’s thesis.

2 PhD studentships available

If you are interested in joining our group we currently have two PhD positions available:

These are fully-funded PhDs in the Institute of Integrative Biology (IIB) in the University of Liverpool.

The close date for both is Thursday, February 28, 2019.

You will join a dynamic research group based in the IIB where the focus is to investigate cellular metabolism. Details of the current projects and diversity of work, as well as more general papers, can be found here.